14 January 2015

| Alex + Mali |

The day after Christmas, Sean and I took a quick trip to San Diego to celebrate the wedding of his cousin Alex. It was a fun 48 hours in the sunshine (the chilly sunshine but I will take it!).
Alex and Mali could not have looked more beautiful together or more in love.... it was great being able to celebrate their special day with them. And, as always, I love little getaways with this guy.  

Pregnancy earned me the role of rental car DD which was actually pretty fun (and hangover free!).
 I drove this crew through Jack in the Box post-wedding ... hadn't done that in years! :)
Sean, like myself, has a lot of cousins...many of them are younger but there are several who are right around our age. I enjoy them all and after all these years kind of just think of them as my cousins too!! :)


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