13 January 2015

| Christmas 2014 |

I slid into Christmas this year by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin.
I was disorganized, unprepared and totally scatterbrained but much to my dismay, Christmas happened. Between teaching part-time, keeping up with my photography clients and getting through my first trimester of pregnancy, Christmas snuck up on me and caught me totally off guard.
And truth be told, my heart really wasn't in it this year. I was ready to bid 2014 farewell and Christmas kind of just felt like a cruel joke to top off our already tough year. 
I decided it was okay to have an "off" Christmas and not feel bad about it.
My girls had a great Christmas and that's what really matters anyways.
All of my Christmas photos were taken with my little point and shoot camera or phone camera.. I didn't take my nice camera out one time. I am in a "live in the moment" phase which means I am just not photographing as much as I usually do. I decided that's okay too. ;)
We stuck to our usual Christmas routine which is Christmas Eve Mass followed by dinner and presents at my moms which is always so nice and relaxing. Christmas morning was fun with the four of us and a relaxed brunch later that morning. We spent a nice Christmas Day evening at Sean's dad and stepmom's surrounded by lots and lots of family and great food!
Christmas Eve... Annual photos in front of the tree before Mass
Speaking of our Christmas tree...
our angel baby girl was well represented on our tree this year.
We received five special ornaments in her honor.
Both of Lexie's grandma's got her ornaments as well as her Auntie Amy, Great-Grandma LeeAnn and Great Aunt Jeanie. It was so thoughtful and sweet of all of them and it meant a lot to me. I wasn't able to put a stocking up for her so it was nice to be able to remember her on our tree. I didn't photograph each of the ornaments but I did take a quick photo of this one ... love the saying on the back of it.
More Christmas Eve photos... 

Christmas Morning...

 Christmas Day


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