12 January 2015

| Almost 6 |

This kid is SO fun right now. I love her age.
The five-almost six age is too cute and sweet.
Kennedy loves school and talks my ear off non-stop with stories about her friends and school-life.
It is awesome to watch her enjoy it so much and special to see her starting to make important friendships at school. We had her Kindergarten parent-teacher conference back in November and it went so well. She is doing great academically which of course we were thrilled to hear but I was even more thrilled to hear how great she is doing socially. Her teacher, Mrs. Williams, told us how well she plays with other students and how she easily plays with many different students. It was music to my ears and Sean and I both felt so proud of her. Raising a kind, well-rounded kiddo is my ultimate goal in life.

 Kennedy with school friends Stella and Claire at Stella's birthday party

Kennedy and her BEST school buddy, Becky, at Christmas Eve Mass
These two have hit it off famously.... Becky is a constant topic of conversation in our house! :)

Writing is a major focus in her kindergarten class and her teacher was impressed with how often Kennedy chose to "write" in the classroom and the variety of different topics she thought to write about. I thought her writings from the first part of Kindergarten were too adorable not to share so I have scanned in some of my favorites. Writing at this point in Kindergarten means she chooses a "good news" or "sad news" for the day, draws her picture and then one of her teachers writes down the words she uses to describe her picture.
This one made me teary for obvious reasons. Lexie is a comfortable and frequent topic of conversation in our house especially for Kennedy. It is both a sad and happy reality for me. But it is healthy and true and it is how we keep Lexie ever present in our family. It makes me happy to know Kennedy thinks about her sister even when she is out and about during the day. When we told Kennedy we were expecting our new baby boy she said "well, now we will have SIX people in our family."
 My thoughts exactly sweet girl.

Love my girl to pieces.


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