17 January 2015

| Hangin' with Mr. Cooper |

We decided to kick off 2015 with a BANG.
Otherwise known as a PUPPY.
Somehow (I am still not sure how), Sean decided he was on board with our family getting a dog.
I grew up with dogs and I have always wanted our kids to have the experience of being raised with a nice, family dog.
So here we goooo...
Meet Cooper.
He is a black, 5-month old golden doodle.
He is super sweet. Super shy. And super stubborn.
So stubborn that I am working with a dog trainer to get him leash trained.
And potty-trained.
And chew-trained.
And jump-trained.
He is expected to be about 70 lbs full grown so getting him well-trained is of high importance to us.
He has a major fetish for socks.
He has eaten and properly digested one.
He has also choked on one.
He owes me his life.

Coop is a lot of work just as I knew he would be.
He's also a lot of fun.
He's shaken up our lives a bit but all good things do.

Welcome to the family, Coop.


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