12 July 2010

17 Months

At 17 months, Kennedy is officially a toddler! In fact, she toddles so much we can barely keep up with her. I used to laugh at how busy my little sister was when she was this age... I am not laughing anymore as Kennedy is running a close second. Fortunately, Sean and I make a pretty good team and we are able to tag-team keeping an eye on her. She is curious, curious, curious! Here are a few more details about our 17-month old girl...

- Talking: as always, she continues to babble nonstop. She is clearly saying between 10-15 words including all-done, bye, thank you, down, up, no, papa, and Amy (which, of course, Auntie Amy LOVES!).

- Personality: she has a great disposition, very happy. She is becoming more clear about her wants and needs and does not hesitate to let us know when she is not happy. She can give us quite a scowl when she wants to. She has thrown several fits when she gets frustrated and has even hit me intentionally a few times. We are thinking it may be time to start thinking about small time-outs for this behavior. Kennedy continues to love other kids especially her cousin Roderick! She is a love-bug and gives lots of kisses and hugs! She is going through a mama phase right now- always at my feet wanting me to pick her up.

- Unfortunately, Kennedy's eczema is back in full force. Her cheeks are better but it is all over her legs, arms and butt. :( On the bright side, she has 6 teeth and more on the way! Her hair is a strawberry blondish color with a decent amount of curl in it.

- Kennedy is bottle-free! With little transition, we just stopped giving it to her at bedtime. Most days, she is still taking 2 naps a day and sleeping between 10-12 hours at night.

We love you Kennedy Renee!

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