26 July 2010

Roderick's Birthday Weekend

It is hard to believe our sweet little nephew, Roderick, is already one years old! Click here for a flashback to last July when we first met this special boy.

Amy and Harv threw a great birthday bash for him on Saturday. Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead on arrival ... it spent most of the party charging so I only got a few mediocre photos at the tail-end of the party. The highlight of the party was, of course, celebrating Roderick! But, we were also excited when Amy and Harv announced that Roderick will become a big brother in March 2011! That's right, the Harvie's are adding onto their family- Amy is 8 weeks pregnant! We are sooo excited for them! These two babies are going to be 20 months apart... their parents are going to be busy, busy! But, it will be so fun for Roderick to have a little brother or sister so close in age.

Congratulations Harvie family! We can't wait to meet the newest addition!

And, that's the end of my birthday pics! Darn...

Sunday was Roderick's actual birthday so a few of us spent the day at the pool at grandma LeeAnn's house. It was a fun, relaxing day. Kennedy loved the pool! Note to self: enroll Kennedy in swimming lessons.

Harv lounging on his pink floatie. Looks comfy huh? ;)

Sean and his friend Mike

A little birthday singing and cake...
And, this was a treat. Dale is a relative of Sean's. He, his wife Tara and their daughter Sojo are visiting from Thailand. They came to visit LeeAnn yesterday so we were able to see them too! Dale and Tara are both teachers and Tara is a fellow blogger (a wonderful blogger!) so there is always lots to talk about :) Since I read their blog all the time, I feel like I know their little Sojo so well!
 It was really fun to actually see her in person. She has grown so much since last summer and I can tell she has a very unique and special personality.

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Tara and Dale said...

We loved spending time with you all and so look forward to it next year as well. I totally agree that it's great to meet these blogged-about kids in person. Kennedy is a doll! :)